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Effective management of your U2 database is crucial to remain efficient and up to date. Rocket provide a number of tools to assist and enhance a DBA’s time, whether it is day to day housekeeping or something more specialised. See below just some of the tools available to you…



Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (LM) allows you to specify and define multiple releases through its sophisticated IT release management capabilities. With Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager you can automatically track, accelerate and streamline the build release process. LM keeps you in control of all parts of the application development lifecycle. You can use LM to increase your developers' productivity so that you can deploy IT projects on time while simultaneously meeting your regulatory and best practices requirements. Aldon(LM) ensures you will be able to give your auditors exactly what they need, with automation and process tracking from the very first user request to final deployment of your software application. For more information please click here.



XAdmin is an administration tool used for both the UniVerse and UniData databases. XAdmin replaces UniAdmin and V2.1.3 has recently been released.

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Mobile devices are everywhere. Whether you BYOD or use corporate mobile devices at work, R/Link allows you to harness the full power of enterprise file sharing and collaboration.

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Rocket NetCure is a network management and service assurance application for enterprises and service providers.

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