Integration of your U2 application with other software and services can be done in a variety of ways. Some of these include tools that will be globally familiar to us all. Rocket has its own tools such as BCI & EDA and other common methods to look at might also include ODBC and REST. See below for information on all solutions.




EDA allows you to store U2 data in an external RDBMS, such as DB2® or Microsoft® SQL Server, and still access it from U2 applications that use the non-first normal form (NF2) data model.

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REST (REpresentational State Transfer)

REST is an "architectural style" that basically exploits the existing technology and protocols of the Web, including HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and XML.

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The U2 ODBC driver enables ODBC applications to connect to the UniData or UniVerse (U2) database management system (DBMS).

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BCI (Unibasic SQL Client Interface) is a collection of U2 Unibasic functions which allows the developer to prepare SQL statements, which can be issue to a ODBC server.

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