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APT Solutions Announcement

APT Solutions Ltd (APT) announced today that it has been appointed by Paradigm Systems as its distributor for Mercury Database Console in the United Kingdom. Under the agreement APT will become the primary provider of service and application support in the region.

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Rocket Software - 5.22 U2 Web DE Release

Rocket Software is excited to announce the 5.2.2 release of U2 Web DE. This update contains fixes or issues customers have reported, including a few PCI related fixes.

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Upgrade to SB+ 6.4

After you upgrade to SB+ 6.4, you’re sure to notice the improvements we made to the Grid. It’s easier to work with and performs faster. Hundreds of users have already used the Guided Upgrade Tool successfully, so no need to feel like a test dummy!

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Rocket D3 Empower U!

The 2016 Rocket D3 User Group Conference is HERE, this is a unique opportunity to see first-hand the latest exciting developments within D3 and network with fellow D3 users and experts from around the country.

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Support Alert

DROWN Security Threat Announcement

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