APT Solutions Ltd

Founded in 1990, APT Solutions is a specialist supplier of software and services to the  Membership Sector. Privately owned by the Directors, we are proud of our independence and ability to focus on providing a high quality of service to our customers over the long term.


Debt free and profitable since our first year, APT pride ourselves on being large enough to cope but small enough to care. We have invested significantly in building our infrastructure to allow us to provide the highest level of service. This includes fibre optic internet connectivity, rack mounted servers hosted in a 24/7 support environment, high speed printers and copiers, mailing machines and membership card printers.


APT’s customers are the leading TradeUnions, Institutions, Associations, Societies, Charities, Healthplan Providers, Sporting and Public Bodies. From our offices in Telford, UK and Sydney Australia, we write and support their core membership/CRM and CMS software systems and provide a range of professional administration and support services including data entry, printing, mailing, questionnaire processing, document imaging and membership card printing.



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APT Solutions Ltd
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