AxizWorkgroup is a focused, value-added IT infrastructure distributor.  
10 years ago the distribution of U2 products was taken on by Workgroup, one of the leading IT software distriubtion companies in South Africa. Almost 3 years ago Axiz, another large IT distribution company, and Workgroup merged to form AxizWorkgroup, which is now the leading IT distribution company in Africa, handling all the major IT brands including IBM, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, and many others. The U2 team is an independently managed business unit which focuses on the U2 makret. Besides the normal distributor tasks, we are also certified Rocket training partner and offer courses on the U2 products for the Africa region.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Pinnacle Holdings Group of Companies, the AxizWorkgroup joint entity is positioned to powerfully contribute to the group vision to be “the most respected provider of ICT products and services to the African continent based on superior domain knowledge underscored by unparalleled service commitment,” said Craig Brunsden, Chief Marketing Officer, AxizWorkgroup.



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