Web Enablement

Web enabling your U2 application needn’t be an issue with a variety of Rocket tools and 3rd party products available to assist you. At the 2 ends of the spectrum, for those who have web developer experience but little U2 development experience, you can go down the route of using the U2 Toolkit for .Net. If on the other hand you have lots of U2 experience but none in web development, then DesignBais allows you to create web pages easily with SB techniques. Other options include UniObjects, REST and WebDE. Please see below for information on all solutions.



Encapsulate your U2 data and business logic in server-side objects that can be accessed by Java or .NET web development tools. U2 Web DE is a visual development tool that provides a complete environment to create and maintain your web applications, ensuring maximum business uptime and eliminating interruptions to business operations.

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Rocket Software provides a variety of high-performance, native interfaces for development of client applications that access the U2 databases. These include the UniObjects family of interfaces, U2 Java Persistence API, Intercall, and the UniCall Interface (for UniVerse).

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REST is an "architectural style" that basically exploits the existing technology and protocols of the Web, including HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and XML.

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U2 ToolKit for .NET

Use Microsoft Visual Studio to build your applications and take advantage of the powerful Microsoft .NET Framework and CLR. Grab the opportunity to ease your development efforts with U2NETDK Developer.

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DesignBais is a functionally rich tool set that allows developers to design and create enterprise wide web-based applications.

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